How to Submit Samples



Examples of desired submission vials and tubes.

Please no Crimp-Tops.


Larger volume tubes and vials are not preferred.

Please avoid these large volume when at all possible.

Please use clear cetrifuge tubes for proteomics gel submissions.


A properly
hand-labelled 1.5 ml tube. Use adhesive labels and tape when possible. Include both initials and numbers.

(MeOH is used in analyses and may wipe off any unprotected labelling)


A properly electronically printed label and vial.

This is the preferred labelling method.


A hand-labelled vial that is difficult to read and also not protected with tape.

This may lead to delays or cancellation of the analysis.


Proceed to the MS Facility to drop off your sample.

You may login your sample at our computer if you have not done so before arrival.

  Place your sample in the box corresponding to your analysis type.



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